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Ashfaq Ahmed:

There are shining names who participated in the field of literature of Pakistan. Among these names,” Ashfaq Ahmed” plays a considerable role in that emerging field. He was a writer, author, and also an anchor. He hands over his life to Pakistan Radio and Television. Because he wanted to introduce these fields with the meaning of “Adab”. He earned his name in the field of Urdu poetry. Many stories, novels, and plays are written by him.

Early Life:

He was born on 22 August 1925, in India. His first source of education was his inhabitant village. When his family started their journey from India to Pakistan he was of 22 years. In Pakistan, He started his later education. From Government College Lahore, he got the degree of master in Urdu literature.


From his childhood, Ashfaq Ahmed was fond of literary activities. He also worked as a clerk when he goes to Lahore. In the displaced person camp he started to do declarations on an amplifier. He started a job in radio Azad Kashmir. Then he started a job as a lecturer at Deal Singh College, Lahore for two years. When he went to Rome he started to teach Urdu at Rome University and worked as an Urdu newscaster on Radio. After coming back to his homeland, he wrote his magazine “Dastaango”.He served as a scriptwriter in Radio Pakistan.

Marriage life:

Ashfaq Ahmed got married to the famous Bano Qudsia after they met and studied together at Government College Lahore doing their Masters in Urdu. After marriage, they gave love and mutual respect. Both of them earned the name in Urdu literature with time. Furthermore, they had three sons.

Radio Plays:

• Talqeen Shah
• Baithak

Television Shows:
• Uchhay Burj Lahore De
• Tali Thallay
• Tota Kahani
Aik Mohabbat Sau Afsanay
• Aur Dramay
• Zavia

Ashfaq Ahmed Books:

Ashfaq Ahmed had a humorous manner of writing which covers all significant aspects of life as well as religious studies. His words had a deep and emotional meaning.

Ashfaq Ahmed Books List:

• Aik Mohabbat 100 Afsanay Subhanay Fasanay
• Aik Hi Boli
• Talsim Hosh Afza
• Safar e Meena
Khail Tamasha
• Aik Zakham Aur Sahi
• Baba Sahiba
• Safar dar Safar
• Arz-e-Musanif
• Zaavia
• Mann ChaleKaSauda
• Band Gali
• Tota Kahani
• Aik Mohabbat 100 Dramay
• Nangay Paon
• Shahla Kot
• Uchay Burj Lahore Day
• Aur Dramay
• HairatKada
• TaaliThalay
• Jang -Bajang
• Hasrat-e-Tameer
• Dheenga Mushti
• Shora Shori
• Dhandhora
• Aashianay
• Asoodagi
• Parrao
• Zanjeer-e-Taaluq
• Be Nayyaz Sufi Baba
• Zikar-e-Shahab
• Dastaango


• Pride of performance award
• Sitara-e-Imtiaz award by president of Pakistan

Passed away:

Sir Ahmed Ashfaq was suffering from the disease of pancreatic cancer and passed away on September 7, 2004. His soul is rest in peace in Model Town Lahore, Pakistan.