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Books are light enough to carry, yet so heavy with expressions and ideas. Furthermore, it make people quiet, nevertheless they are so loud.

 According to Terry Pritchett:

“A good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.”

When adults and children read books together books make warm wholehearted relations among them. Children could be able to make fundamental language capacities and essentially broaden their vocabularies extensively more than some other media after reading books. Short story and proficient books develop interest and broad our mind.

Advantages of reading books:

 C.S. Lewis said:

              “It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you has read an old one in between.”

Reading of good books makes you more kindhearted. Study of books can take you in the direction of terrains, unusual occasions and move toward to break away from your own life. Therefore, put you from other’s point of view….

  • Study of books makes your brain vigorous and strong.
  • Study of books enhanced Focus and attention
  • Study of books helps to Alleviates depression.
  • Study of books sets a model for children
  • Study of books Powerful critical Thinking Skills

Over view of CSS Books:

CSS Exam abbreviated from Central Superior Service Exam. CSS Exam is held for the employment of opportunity to posts (BS-17) in the associated administration under the Federal Government guide by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

Public Policy, Political Sciences, International dealings, Guidelines of completion is generally the wonderful choice for the center of attention on CSS. Nevertheless, In the CSS test, these types of degrees have nothing to do with your achievement. Typical questions are raise in this test.

CSS Services

The Indian Civil Service is also known as Imperial Civil Service. It was understood to be in command over the administrative organization of the Sub-Continent in 1858 for the effecting approach of the Imperial Rule and supervision of the whole population. At initial stage, local people were not allowed to rise in opposition to the official level posts. Furthermore; they were acceptable as well as to go after the Civil Service Exam with the passage of time.

Jobs after Css exam:

The Civil Service of Pakistan choose 92.5% by a quota organization while only 7.5% of the applicants are preferred by merit, education, ability and skills.  Based on their qualifications, the civil service exams make available equal chance to males and females. This type of Exams are very competitive  If you are come across for Jobs after CSS Exam then you are at the exact place. After passing CSS Exam, you can find a list of posts.

Number of post                                         Scale division                         

Commercial Secretary                                BS-18

Commercial Counselor                               BS-19

Consul General                                           BS-20

Minister( Economic or trade )                              BS-21

Available Css books at

  • PMS Guide by Amar Shakir Jajja and Almas Sabeeh Saqib JWT
  • Philosophy for CSS PMS By Syed Turab Kirmani And Usamah Safdar Jahangir Book
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence (CSS/PMS) By Aatir Rizvi JWT
  • JWT Geography with DVD for CSS PMS PCS by Imran Bashir
  • Jahangir An introduction to Gender Studies for CSS
  • International Relations CSS, PMS, PCS by M. Ikram Rabbani JWT
  • International Relations MCQs CSS/PMS by Zahid Aziz and Ghulam Zahra JWT
  • International Relation Paper-II (Top 20 Question)
  • International Law MCQs CSS, PMS, PCS By Waqar Aziz Bhutta JWT
  • History of India & Pakistan (CSS/PMS) By Mian Azmat Farooq JWT

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