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Bano Qudsia

BANO QUdsia also is known as Bano appa was born in 29 NOVEMBER 1928.She was a Pakistani, playwright and novelist. Her father was doing a job in the agriculture department and her brother was a painter. She wrote many novels and dramas. One of her most famous novels is RAJA GIDH. She wrote for television dramas and stage dramas in both Urdu and Punjabi languages. ADHI Bat was her famous play. This play is also called a classic play. When Pakistan came into the being she migrated to Lahore with her family. In the class of 5th, she has started writing. She wrote many short stories at an early age. She passed her graduated in the Kinnaird college and then joined (GCU) Lahore to complete her master’s degree in Urdu literature. Qudsia married   a famous

Writer Ashfaq Ahmed. Qudsia had three sons Aneeque, Anees and Aseer. This couple had been inseparable in their social lives.

Qudsia’s novel Raja GIDH  (The King Vulture) is considered an advanced in  Urdu classic Among her more well-known writings are Aatish-i-zer-i-paa, AIK –Din , Asay Pasay, Chahar Chaman, Chhotaa Sheher Baray Log, Footpath ki Ghaas, Haasil Ghaat, and Hawa Kay Naam. The most famous plays she wrote consist of Tamasil, Hawa ke Naam, Seharay and Khaleej.

Her play Aadhi Baat was about a retired headmaster. The play examined the headmaster’s day-to-day life problems and had Qavi Khan acting as a   character. The director of this play was Agha Nasir and it was produced by Tauqeer Nasir. Aadhi Baat performed on May 2010 in Islamabad.

The list of his novels as following as,

  • AIK Din, Haasil Ghaat
  • Shehr-e-la’zawaal – Abaad Weeranay
  • Purwa
  • Moom ki Galiyan
  • Shehr-e-Bemisaal
  • Tauba Shikan

The list of drama as following.

  • Chota Shehar Baray Log
  • Phir Achanak Youn Hua
  • Lagan Apni Apni
  • Aadhee Baat
  • Foot Paath Ki Ghaas
  • Aasay Paasay
  • Tamaseel
  • Hawa kay Naam
  • Dusra Qadam
  • Sidhran
  • Suraj Mukhi
  • Piya Nam ka Diya

The list of short stories as following.

  • Hijraton Kay Darmiyan
  • Dast Bastaa
  • Aatish e Zeer Pa
  • Amar Bail
  • Dusra Darwaza
  • Baz Gasht
  • Na Qabil e Zikr
  • Samaan e Wajood
  • Tawaja ki Taalib
  • Kuch Aur Nahi


  • Rah-e-Rawaan
  • Mard-e-Abresham

Bano Qudsia has been awarded a Sitara -i-Imtiaz in 1983. And also awarded HILAL –i- Imtiaz in 2010. Qudsia’s novel Haasil Ghaat was in print in 2005 and was noted for its delivery but also criticize than for usages of English than her usual traditional Urdu. The language became popular among other writers in the future.

Qudrat –Ullah –Shahab book also wrote by Bano qudisa and

Titled “Mard-e-Abresham” مردِابریشم. The book mainly portrays Shahab’s life and how it was connected with Ashfaq Ahmed and his family both on a social and spiritual level.

In the age of 88, Bano qudsia has died on 4 February 2017 at the Ittefaq hospital

Her son Aseer Ahmed informed (after sunset) at the time of maghrib prayer she has died

She remained forgotten at Lahore on 5 February and prayer service area was held at Model Town Lahore.