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Who is Qasim Ali shah?

Qasim Ali Shah is a great teacher, and motivational speaker as well as, a mind-blowing coach and a practical based educationist of Pakistan. He conveys the best communication among the audience and the top entrepreneurs of the country, a best-selling author of 12 high-ranking books, a famous broadcasting host, a director of the native school’s system. He is also a tour ambassador of the Uzbekistan government and works on T. v, He is the only intellectual founder of Qasim Ali Shah Foundation which is working on the motto. In a very short period, his motivational videos got viral day by day on WhatsApp and Facebook with 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 million followers on the Facebook page and many other mediums, Shah’s make an effort is around the globe. His lectures are very impressive due to his regional language, style, examples, above all his journey of strength and hardiness.

Qasim Ali Shah Speeches:

Qasim Ali Shah Motivation talks are the most famous. He has remarkable addressing and debating abilities. He has addressed crucial topics of youth like achievement, satisfaction, critical thinking, polished methodology, time administration, hazard administration, enthusiastic knowledge, child-rearing, vocation arranging, works chasing and self-awareness, and so on. Qasim Ali Shah Lectures on the social issues have crossed 500+. He has laid great importance on identity improvement in his speeches.

Famous author:

Qasim Ali Shah is the famous author of the book Kamyabi Ka Paygham. He is a famous author, speaker, trainer, and motivator. He authored some great books and delivered lectures on many platforms. Qasim Ali Shah is also running a high-ranking school system in Pakistan. He gave sharp tips and trained the hundreds of civil servants in the government institutes. He told us about the many secrets of life and its philosophy. He asked the people to lead a happy life and enjoy it with their families and friends. He gave some hygienic tips to the readers for success in life. The book is a very useful material to read.


Syed Qasim Ali Shah was born on 13 September 1933. Shah’s household was more powerful and educated families in khairpurmirs. When completed his early education at his native School. Shah then proceeded to Karachi for higher education. In Karachi, Shah enrolled at Karachi University and received a Bachelor of Arts. Later, he received a Bachelor of Law from S. M. Law College. During his studies at Sindh Muslim Law College Shah benefited from the company and guidance of his then professor, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, building a bond that would last for the duration of his professor’s life.

Political career:

Shah entered politics of Khairpur’s district council elected chairman under Field Marshal Ayub Khan System of Basic Democracy in the 1960s. His close association with Bhutto led to his joining Zulfikar Ali Bhuttos PPP shortly after PPP’s creation in 1967. He contested the general elections of 1970 with a PPP-ticket from Khairpur Mirs and defeated his opponents. After the General Zia-ul-Haq revolution in July 1977, Shah was arrested along with Bhutto and other cabinet ministers. Qasim Ali Shah remained loyal to the party during the eleven years of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq’s rule, Shah, and members of his family suffered imprisonment, torture, and constant fear.

Appointed president:

Benazir Bhutto’s autobiography records Parvez’s ordeal in greater detail with General Zia’s death and Benazir Bhutto’s return to the country, Shah was appointed the president of PPP. His landslide victory in the 1988 elections from his community, Khairpur Mirs, smooth way for his appointment as the 17th Chief Minister of Sindh on 2 December 1988. Later, Shah was elected as a Member of Provincial Assembly MPA, Sindh in 1990, 1993, 2002, and 2008. He won seven out of eight general elections becoming an MPA six times, and a Member of the National Assembly. He was once again, for the third time, elected to the office of Chief Minister of Sindh after the 2013 general elections.

Qasim Ali shah books:

Qasim Ali Shah’s book Zara Naam Ho, originally published in 2014, containing 400 quotes, reflections, and thoughts based on different phenomenon of life with which we deal, experience, and learn to manage the emotions and to give a direction

Qasim Ali Shah books Soch Ka Himalaya, published in the 2018 essays-based compilation of his video lectures. This book covers the topics related to the thought process and how we can discipline our thoughts by practicing various methods. Thought, practically,

Khud Aitmadi – The book is about how to control your body

7 Habits – The book tells about 7 habits that your body must not have

Zindagi method Nahi – Translated in Urdu by Qasim Ali Shah

Apni talash by Qasim Ali Shah

Unchi uraan by Qasim Ali Shah

Encyclopedia career by Qasim Ali Shah

Bari manzil ka musafir by Qasim Ali Shah

Guru by Qasim Ali Shah

Jeet ki janb by Qasim Ali Shah

Soch ka hamaliya by Qasim Ali Shah

Career Counselling Encyclopedia is the best-selling book of Qasim Ali Shah.

Barhi Manzil Kay Musafir is the best-selling book of Qasim Ali Shah.

Qasim Ali Shah is a self-help Guru guiding youth and masses at large to develop a valuable lifestyle where learning and exposure are a medium to be groomed. He has written several books. Apni talash and guftaggo also famous books of Qasim Ali Shah.