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Wasif Ali Wasif was a writer, poet, and also a teacher.

He was a Sufi intellectual from Pakistan. His father’s name was Malik Muhammed Arif. He was born on 15 January 1929. Arif. Wasif Ali Wasif established his early schooling from Khushab before leaving for Jhang where he passed matriculation, He was talented at playing hockey and get many awards during his school and college time.  After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he opts for English writing for his master’s degree. Wasif Ali Wasif has starting writing for a college magazine. This magazine’s name was ‘’Ravi’’.wasif Ali Wasif wrote on different topics.

“College Miserable Life” and “Farewell Party” are two famous writing topics of Wasif Ali Wasif.

In 1962 he recognized his own institution named “Lahore English College. This institute was near the Anarkali in Lahore.  Wasif had attention in Sufism from his very babyhood. He strives to meet Sufis and visit a different shrine.   He writes short essays on topics like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer happiness, sorrow, and so on with a clear point and purpose to the importance of the true strength of Islam.  He was a regular columnist of Pakistan. He wrote in the daily newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt. His column named was “GUFTGOO (گفتگو) is published in a newspaper in 1984.

He wrote many books. A list of the books by Wasif Ali Wasif.

  • Shab Chiragh(Urdu Poetry) 1978
  • Kiran Sooraj(Aphorism) 1983
  • The Beaming Soul(English Version of Kiran Kiran Sooraj) 198?
  • Dil Darya Samundar(Essays) 1987
  • Qatar Qulzum(Essays) 1989
  • Ocean in Drop(English version Of Qatar Qatar Qulzam) 19??
  • Harf Haqeeqat(Essays) 1994
  • Bharay Bharolay(Punjabi Poetry) 1994
  • Shab Raaz(Urdu Poetry) 1994
  • Baat Say Baat(Aphorism) 1995
  • Gumnam Adeeb(Letters) 19??
  • Mukalama(Dialogue, Speeches & Interview) 19??
  • Ziker-e-Habeeb(Na’tia Poetry) 2004
  • Dareechay(Aphorism) 2004
  • WasifYat(Essays) 2013
  • Kulyat-e-Wasif Ali Wasif(Poetry) 2014
  • Aqwaal-e-Wasif Ali Wasif Ka Encyclopedia2014
  • Guftgoo(Questions & Answers Series – 30 volumes)
  • Guftgoo1–5 (volume 1) 2015
  • Guftgoo6–10 (volume 2) 2015
  • Guftgoo11–15 (volume 3) 2015
  • Guftgoo16–20 (volume 4) 2015
  • Guftgoo21–25 (volume 5) 2015

He wrote many columns. “Muhabbat” his first column. A list of his column,

  • DIL DARYA SAMANDER دل دریا سمندر.
  • QATRA QATRA QALZA قطرہ قطرہ قلزم.
  • His style of writing has memorable and a countermark in Urdu writing, commonly term as Wasifian Style of text writing. He is considered a founder of a new thinking method called WASFIYAAT واصفیات. .He has a God gifted art of creating a rainbow of meaning with the help of very few droplets of words. He may be considered to establish aphorism in Urdu literature. He did not record his cassette. But one of his devotees has secretly, dedicated himself record his cassette sessions. In the mid of 80s recording, the cassette is without a microphone. The person that record the cassette’s name was ‘’ Sher Ali.

Wasif Ali Wasif > Quotes

  • “Remove the conflict between your desires and your duties, peace will come.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif
  • “Death is the protector of life and life is the process of death.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif
  • “He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif.
  • “When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif
  • “In reality, every reality is a veil over reality.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif
  • “bysakoni tamna ka nam hai.jub tamna tabe ilahi ho jay to sakoan shuroa ho jata hai.”
    ― Wasif Ali Wasif
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